Founded in 2017, Haven and its planners had one mission: help the clients who trust us attain financial independence. And by independence, we don’t mean moving out of your parents basement. To us it means having complete sovereignty in one’s financial life. It means not relying on a paycheck to pay the bills, not relying on one’s government for security and not relying on an employer for us to achieve our dreams. It means becoming the sole arbiter of our income, time and lifestyle. This is how we define wealth management.

Though none of this is easy, it is available to those who seek it. By tapping into the world of investing, entrepreneurship and capital markets, financial independence can be reliably created in time.

Ultimately, this means helping our clients craft custom financial plans, work with investment partners to tailor portfolios and provide risk management solutions that catapult our clients to our shared vision: autonomy.

Our Mission

“As a hobbyist first, I wanted to build something that I would be excited to use”

Josh Olfert, CFP


There is no such thing as unbiased advice, but there are good and bad incentives. Haven provides an independent, fee-based incentive structure but with the security of a big bank.


Our clients aren’t a number.


FP Canada Certified


Assets Held Securely with Fidelity Investments


Regulated across Planning, Insurance and Investment Partnerships.

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