On Wealth

We believe wealth is about freedom and autonomy. It is about having the ability to do what you want, when you want, with who you want.

  • Being “rich” is about having excess money.
  • Being wealthy is about the freedom to self-govern.

  • Wealth is a prerequisite to self-actualization.

  • The prudent seek wealth, not money or status.

On Investing

Despite the news, the world is getting better and better. History has proven that humans are the ultimate problem solvers. Through financial markets our economy allows for the democratization of the risk and rewards in these problem solving endeavors. We call this investing. It means getting our hands dirty in the risk and reward of human ingenuity.

  • Pessimists sound smart, optimists get paid.

  • The world of wealth is not zero sum.
  • Ethical wealth creation means sharing the risk in solving the world’s biggest problems.

  • To build wealth, own assets that produce value while you sleep

  • Investing is a tool for freedom. All else is speculation.

On Risk

Risk cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. Managing risk is about intelligently identifying protecting against fragility.

  • All great rewards begin with a risk.
  • But losses hurt more than equivalent gains excite us.

  • We all have different tolerance and exposure to risk.

  • We must ensure that realization of risk doesn’t derail our future.

  • We must take  inventory of the risks we want to manage and the risks we’re willing to accept.

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